*The Tri-State XC and Airtime Contest is an annual competition (1/1-12/31) - category leaders will be recognized at the 2018 Hang Gliding Spectacular on May 13, 2018. Final awards for the 2018 season will be handed out at the 2019 Spectacular. 


The Kitty Hawk Kites Tri-State XC Contest is open to all pilots flying in Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina. 

Pilots must meet all the local site requirements including proper ratings, signed waivers, club membership, USHPA membership, etc.

There is no entry fee or contest registration required.

All flights submitted must be within the calendar year of the current contest. 

In order for flights to be eligible for the Airtime Contest, all flights must take place within the tri-state region. 


The contest is divided into 6 classes:

Hang Glider 0-25 miles
Hang Glider 25-50 miles
Hang Glider 50+ miles

Paraglider 0-25 miles

Paraglider 25-50 miles

Paraglider 50+ miles


The Airtime Contest has no classes. Hang gliders and paragliders will compete with each other for total accumulated airtime in the tri-state region.

A pilot's assignment to a specific class will be based on their longest flight in the tri-state region prior to the current year. 

A pilot may be placed in a higher class if their flying activity outside the tri-state region warrants it. This would only be done if both the participant pilot and the contest organizer are in agreement.


If Greg flew 60 miles from Eagle Rock several years ago he will be in the "50+ miles" class this year.

If Mary is in the "25-50 miles" class because her longest flight before this year was 30 miles from Woodstock, she will remain in that class even if she flies 75 miles this year. Put another way, you do not change classes in the middle of the year.

If Sue's longest flights are one 40 mile flight in Florida and a 20 mile flight in the tri-state region, she will be assigned to the 0-25 mile class.

If Curt is new to the area and has multiple 100+ mile flights from elsewhere, he will (probably) be assigned to the 50+ mile class.

If you still have questions about the class you should be competing in, CONTACT US HERE. 


The pilot must SUBMIT their flight through the website HERE.

All distances must be rounded to the nearest tenth of a mile.

The distance will be the straight-line measurement between the launch and landing points.

GPS coordinates (.gpx files) or measurements from a sectional map are the preferred methods to determine distance.

New XC contest participants should mention their longest previous flight to determine their proper class for the year.

Pilots may be asked to produce flight data if contest organizers deem it necessary. 


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies will be given for each class.

Only the longest flight per pilot will be eligible for an XC award.


The Airtime is your total accumulated airtime over the calendar year. Both hang gliders and paragliders will compete together for the award. 

Trophies will be handed out at the annual Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding Spectacular.

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